Why service shouldn’t be an additional cost

Why service shouldn’t be an additional cost

Partnerships are everything in the quest for growth

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on thousands of website projects over the years. One thing that I've learnt over the years is that partnering with your clients rather than acting is a supplier is the number one way to increase growth potential.

One of the founding principles of Sourceflow is to provide an exceptional customer experience and the quest to continually improve how our clients feel about working with us. As a result of this we don't charge any additional fees for customer success, for time spent with Customer Success Managers or indeed any other customer success related activities.

What this means is that we encourage our clients to work continually with our customer success team to enhance the proposition that we provide and to continually grow together.

For some companies the approach of charging for customer success might work and I can see why you would, especially at scale. Larger companies may feel the need to charge for customer success due to the struggle they have with balancing profits, resources and customer demand volume. It's my belief (and experience) however that even at scale, not charging for ‘CS’ is possible (and generally the right thing to do) to encourage customers to work closer and closer with their partner.

I'm aware there’s a fine line between service and over-service and I think if you have great relationships with customers fair usage policy (as an unwritten rule) should apply.

The name ‘Customer Success’ in itself is focused on the outcome; success. So why charge for this when platform fee’s & service cover the costs and profits of a SaaS business?

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