SourceFlow bag award for recruitment marketing excellence

SourceFlow bag award for recruitment marketing excellence

SourceFlow were named winners of the prestigious Innovation Award by The Power Hive for their groundbreaking strides in recruitment marketing in 2023. 

Although SourceFlow are chiefly known for being specialists at building recruitment websites, this recognition validates the company's commitment to pushing boundaries since their inception in 2022, especially acknowledging their array of product innovations that reshaped the recruitment marketing industry in 2023.

Their remarkable progress last year, boasting a phenomenal 335% increase in website launches, speaks volumes about their relentless pursuit of revolutionising recruitment marketing technologies.

What set SourceFlow apart and significantly contributed to their win were their game-changing product innovations. These included:

  • Journey Tracking: Revolutionising the understanding of candidate journeys, providing invaluable insights.

  • Content Categories: Simplifying content management, making it more effective and organised.

  • AI Job Advert Writer for Bullhorn Users: Streamlining and enhancing the job advertising process for recruiters that use industry-leading applicant tracking system Bullhorn.

  • Multi Factor Authentication: Ensuring robust security measures for user accounts.

  • AI-Powered Job Search Updates: Leveraging AI to enhance the job search experience for recruiters and candidates.

  • Industry-Leading Integrations: Pioneering integrations that set industry benchmarks.

Keith Southern, Director and Co-Founder of The Power Hive - an acclaimed community of recruitment leaders, said: "SourceFlow has completely turned the sector on its head, expanding beyond their dreams and surpassing their own expectations in 2023, with an even more promising 2024 ahead. Their innovative approach has set them apart as a true standout contender. Congratulations to the team!"

SourceFlow CEO Matt Comber expressed his gratitude on LinkedIn: "A massive shout-out to The Power Hive and its members for their invaluable votes and support. It truly means the world to us. I want to extend a huge shoutout to our exceptional team whose tireless dedication has been pivotal in shaping our innovative products. In particular, I want to recognise the remarkable contributions of Matthew Whiteley and Ka-Shing Tan, whose unwavering commitment has been instrumental in driving our product innovations forward."

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