Bullhorn Webinar: Job alerts are dead! What’s next for recruitment marketing?

Bullhorn Webinar: Job alerts are dead! What’s next for recruitment marketing?

If you missed the recent webinar episode of ‘Build with Billy’, featuring SourceFlow's CRO Darren Curtis, you can catch-up on it right here.

Hosted by Bullhorn, an industry-leading CRM and applicant tracking system, this webinar delves into how recruitment websites can serve as the central hub for recruitment marketing automation, client lead generation, and candidate attraction.

SourceFlow: More Than Just Recruitment Website Design

SourceFlow stands out in the recruitment marketing landscape as that central hub. Our recruitment marketing platform combines advanced data analytics, AI capabilities, and seamless rectech integrations including CRMs, multi job posters, and marketing technology. 

We don’t just deliver industry-leading recruitment website design, we prove the tangible value of marketing in the recruitment space. During the webinar, Darren emphasised the importance of tracking source attribution and campaign effectiveness to showcase ROI and value metrics in staffing and recruiting.

Check out the webinar video below to learn more 👇

ROI and Analytics in Recruitment Marketing

In the webinar, Darren and host Billy Davis discussed the critical role of ROI and value metrics. Seamless integration between your recruitment website and CRM/ATS systems is essential for tracking and optimising performance. By monitoring source attribution, you can determine which channels and campaigns are most effective, ensuring your marketing efforts yield the best returns.

Watch the video to find out more.

Best Practices in Recruitment Marketing Automation

Darren shared five key email automations that recruitment marketers can set-up in their Bullhorn or marketing tool to optimise the impact of their recruitment websites:

  1. Passive User Reactivation: Engage candidates who may not be actively seeking jobs but are open to opportunities.

  2. Job Alerts 2.0: Move beyond traditional alerts to more personalised, tailored notifications.

  3. Lead Nurturing: Develop and maintain relationships with potential candidates through strategic communication.

  4. Internal Lead Distribution: Efficiently manage and distribute client leads to the right consultants across your business.

  5. Contractor Automation: Automatically reengage your best contractors before they get snapped up by other recruitment firms.

Check out this video where SourceFlow’s CEO Matt Comber outlines discusses these automations and shares illustrative examples.

Are Job Alert Emails Dead?

A particularly ‘passionate’ section of the webinar was the discussion on job alerts. Darren argued: "I don’t think job alerts are dead. However, I think the current way of delivering job alerts is dead."

He criticised the "spray and pray" approach, where candidates receive numerous irrelevant job alerts, causing frustration for both candidates and recruiters. This method often results in a flood of unsuitable applications, creating administrative nightmares for recruitment teams.

Darren emphasised the need for a more personalised and data-driven approach. He suggested, "Job alerts should be sent out directly from the CRMs where there is a gateway to ensuring that the quality of data is perfect for your audience, and you are then marketing to relevant candidates by job alert." By segmenting candidates based on their job roles and locations, and utilising automation, recruitment agencies can significantly improve the effectiveness of job alerts and enhance candidate experience.

Watch the Webinar Now

Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights, and much more including points about the future of job boards and AI in recruitment. Watch the webinar recording to learn how to transform your recruitment website into a powerful tool for marketing automation and candidate attraction.

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