Location MENA & APAC

Founded 2010

Employees 68

Core sectors





Tell us a bit about MCG Talent?

MCG Talent is a specialist recruiter within the creative, marketing, communication and technology space. We have 3 offices, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore (and Riyadh coming soon). We have been operating within the Middle East and Asia since 2010. Unlike many of our competitors have been born out of the markets in which we are experts. 40 strong in 2023, and growing.

Why did you choose to partner with SourceFlow?

We had worked with a few of the team on our previous website, so we knew them, and they knew us.

How did you find the delivery of your website?

We are delighted with the end result, and the feedback has been good. Navigating the journey to launch proved to be a more substantial endeavour than initially anticipated, providing us with an opportunity for growth and learning. We engaged in the detailed work of creating credentials decks, a process that while time-consuming, served its purpose before being superseded by our website. At moments, it appeared as if our team was perhaps overly large; however, this led to the strategic decision to streamline our process by designating me as the primary contact for all design and copy-related matters. Ultimately, we're thrilled with the outcome, and we wholeheartedly believe that the quality of the result is what truly matters.

How did you find the team to work with?

Bruce was very accommodating as the lead for the site and we worked well with him to realize our vision. It’s always difficult to try and convey sometimes simple requests over a VC and there was a significant time difference but we worked around it and got there in the end.

What are you most pleased with during this project? 

The visuals and overall design. It has lived up to our expectations and is quite different to our competitors which is what we wanted. I believe it showcases more of who we are now, and where we are going rather than who we once were and for us thats a great thing.  

What’s next for MCG Talent? 

We are looking forward to growing our offering across the Middle East and Asia and have eyes on other markets and offerings for our clients. Stabilising the team and adding key strategic hires to add value internally and externally is key in ’23. We are very much focused on being THE go-to agency in our space & market, and so far that vision appears to be happening which is great.

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