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Engage People

As an award-winning Irish recruitment firm in Dublin, we pride ourselves on supporting our community, enabling success and championing recruitment as a career of choice. We are on a mission to build a diverse and inclusive workforce that celebrates varied perspectives and ideas, where all voices are heard and valued. We know that our team is our greatest asset, which is why we have fostered a culture of regular feedback and recognition, investing in technology, and embracing change to drive innovation throughout our processes.

The Interview

Tell us a bit about Engage People?

In 2016, Engage People was formed with one mission: to create happier and more productive workplaces by aligning business with talent. Since then, we’ve proudly built a reputation for creating equitable and valuable relationships with our partners, leading to annual revenue growth year on year. We are a specialist recruitment firm scaling companies and careers by identifying and connecting ambitious individuals across four niche strands, Accountancy, Financial Services, Legal and Insurance. Our two Best Small Agency award wins recognised the innovation and inspiration we bring to our training, tools, and competencies, embracing digital transformation to achieve our mission.

2. Why did you choose to partner with SourceFlow?

We chose to partner with SourceFlow initially for our new website as we really liked the flexibility they offered around the design and creative aspects of the site build. It felt like where they were as a company and what they offered was fairly well aligned with us as a company and what we were looking for. The ability to almost be part of a steering committee essentially as to how the platform offering progresses over time was too good to turn down. We especially liked the use of attribution modelling to provide full end-to-end ROI tracking. We did some research and received glowing feedback from a company whose website was almost about to launch at the time.

3. How did you find the delivery of your website?

The delivery of the site was a positive experience. Regular meetings with Alec, Helen and initially Matt, ensured that all parties were on track throughout and working towards the same goal. We felt they provided excellent feedback and guidance as we worked through the deliverables from our side at the earlier stages of the project. There was the occasional hiccup along the way as with any project but they have delivered a stunning and hopefully converting new website, as promised.

4. How did you find the team to work with?

The SourceFlow team were excellent to deal with throughout the web project. They were always on hand to give their insight and expertise on what might work best or how to progress the project. Most importantly they were always pleasant to deal with, easy to speak to and personable. The regular communication via video call, email and WhatsApp ensured we were always up to date on what was happening.

5. What are you most pleased with during this project?

I would say the actual website is what we are most pleased with from this project. The finished site has super-fast load speeds and a great UX. The design really brings our brand to life, and it just feels like an Engage People website throughout. We are excited about all the features yet to come.

6. What’s next for Engage?

Next up is a focus on recruiting internally, which we are sure the ‘work for us’ page on our new site will help with no end. We are targeting a number of key hires across our different divisions over the months ahead. All going well our attention will then turn to opening some new divisions in similar areas to that which we already operate in, over the medium term. We are excited to continue to evolve the Engage People Brand over the coming months.

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