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Data privacy has always been of the highest importance for SourceFlow and we will always remain open and transparent with our processing of your personal data.

Here’s what recruitment marketing gurus think of us

DNA Recruit

"We had a clear ambition to work with someone creative and able to implement a seamless user journey to produce a tailored website that would represent who DNA Recruit is and the level of services we provide. SourceFlow offered us just that."

Monika Vaiciulyte
Head of Marketing
Engage People

"The finished site has super-fast load speeds and a great UX. The design really brings our brand to life, and it just feels like an Engage People website throughout."

Aidan Mortimer
Marketing Manager

“What a great, responsive and fun team to work with. When recruitment websites run through their DNA, it was a no-brainer to take on the quest with them."

Becca Ly
Head of Marketing
Panda International

"Throughout the entire development process, SourceFlow managed our project with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness.  We were impressed with their level of dedication and commitment to ensuring that our project was a success."  

ProTech Recruitment

"We're most pleased with the ability to have so much say in the way that our website was built. It’s also very handy for me as the marketer to be able to edit the majority of the website on the fly without having to ask a support team to implement changes”

Tom Higham
Marketing Coordinator

"The team were excellent, they felt like an extension of my team and still do. I feel we can provide open and honest feedback and continue to develop our existing partnership."

Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher
Head of Marketing
Sheldon Phillips

“Huge thanks go out to SourceFlow for creating a vision I could only dream of.”

Jamie Trick
Owner & Founder
True North Talent

“Our website is as easy to navigate as a Sunday stroll in the park. Designed to be so intuitive that even those who are not tech savvy can navigate it with ease! It's the perfect hub for ambitious candidates and respected brands alike to swiftly explore roles and talent.”  

Emma Symonds
Xcede Group

“The user-friendly navigation of the backend makes it easy for our team to edit our content to reflect the continuous improvements we put in place. We are also pleased with the impressive response times of the support team whenever we raise a ticket.”  

Janan Gok
Head of Marketing

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