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The Talent Crowd

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Location UK

Founded 2021

Employees 52

Core sectors


Business Support



HR and TA







Tell us about The Talent Crowd

The talent crowd is a multi-specialist recruitment consultancy we're based in Manchester but recruit across the UK for the specialisms that we work in

What were you looking for in your new website?

In our new website, we were looking for the ability for candidates to be able to apply really easily first and foremost. We wanted people to be able to find jobs and apply to them really simply and easily but then we were looking for ways that we could add value that we can grow over time so that we can start to really build communities and crowds around 

Why did you choose SourceFlow?

I chose SourceFlow because they are a trusted team a team I've worked with before but also because I know that there's something different coming in at each step along the roadmap. I know they're going to be constantly innovating and that's where I want to be, working with a business that is up for 'right let's try this' and 'let's do this' and 'now let's go this way'.

What's the experience with SourceFlow been like?

The experience with SourceFlow was really positive from the start and the tech is evolving. It's really clear where we're going and that the customer, my customer is at the forefront of what we're trying to achieve. If there was anything that I wasn't sure about or that wasn't slightly correct on the website or we wanted to change SourceFlow were really helpful in changing it to align with the vision of what we wanted for the website. The website looks perfect, it looks amazing!

People are already commenting that it's a fresh approach it's not a standard recruitment website, and it's not covered in blue! We're hoping that we can continue to evolve along those lines to be really open and transparent which is one of our sort of core values being honest open and straightforward

What's next for the websites?

We want to focus on what people are looking at. We want to know what people who visit our website are looking at and to see what's doing the best and how we can help other areas as well. Seeing how well our jobs do on the website for example and how easily people get in contact with us coming from there as well.

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