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R24 Recruitment

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Location UK

Founded 2020

Employees 1

Core sectors




IT & Telecoms

Tell us a bit about r24.

R24 is a Headhunting and Search Solution for Manufacturing, Engineering & IT industries. We offer unique services for clients who have niche requirements. The world of Engineering, Manufacturing & IT is constantly evolving, and we believe that our processes and talent attraction strategies enable our clients to find the best assets available in their industries.

Why did you choose to partner with SourceFlow?


If/when you speak with him – you know what you get, and he is a respectable guy (transparent with solutions)

when I set up my business, he was working for another business. The service vs price he was selling to me then was not for me. Two years on and two websites later, I reached back out to Craig because I noticed he was not in that business anymore and he suggested SourceFlow.

The business model sounded like everything I needed. We discussed it over several calls, and it seemed like a no-brainer! The quality capability, the plug-in and play model, the security, a Project Manager, Customer Liaison reps & the SAAS – all included. WHY NOT 

How did you find the delivery of your website?

This could have been better, but I must take some ownership of this too. Managing my own expectations could also have been better; instead of leaving everything to the agency and thinking I was going to achieve a Picasso on draft one.

Sourceflow quickly identified the areas that needed looking into and exceeded expectations by rectifying them during the holidays (Christmas)

How did you find the team to work with?

Great! Callum and Helen are helpful. I believe they have taken the time to understand R24 and provide flexible services to accommodate.

When you need a call or if you have a query, I have found them to be personable and resourceful.

What are you most pleased with during this project?

The website's infrastructure and its capability without all the features being live yet, It’s exciting!

The quality of the cosmetics is also encouraging.

What’s next for R24

There are a few ideas but completing the project and working with the team to evolve continuously.

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