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ProTech Recruitment

SourceFlow Case Studies

Location UK

Founded 1988

Employees 16

Core sectors

  • Life Sciences
  • Electronics
  • Defence
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical
  • Medical Devices
  • Aerospace

1. Tell us a bit about ProTech?


ProTech is an employee-owned Recruitment Company focusing in the main on the STEM industries. We have been in business for over 30 years but it was in 2022 when the company made the transition to being employee owned that totally changed the dynamic for the better. Now everyone that works at ProTech has a stake in the business performance, we are working and supporting each other even more than we were previously which is excellent.


2. Why did you choose to partner with SourceFlow?

We chose to partner with Sourceflow in order to have more control over how our content is presented and to bring our website forwards in terms of its design and delivery compared to our previous site. Not just that but it was the ambitious road map that Sourceflow have set out that involves many exciting features that we are looking forward to being able to use, in particular future integration with our new CRM.


3. How did you find the delivery of your website?

The delivery of our website went really well. We had to turn everything around pre-Christmas 2022 and with time running out it required all hands on deck, both on the ProTech side and the Sourceflow one. With much back and forth and constant communication, everyone pulled together to get the website into a completed state so that we were ready to launch in January. Like most websites that get launched, we are still improving as we go even now, and implementing a kaizen philosophy as we make improvements over time.


4. How did you find the team to work with?

The team were a pleasure to work with. Callum and Helen in particular have been really helpful, both in terms of their suggestions based on their expertise and their understanding of our concerns and queries that we had throughout the process. Callum Hull is a great communicator and it’s been so easy to talk with him about the project and for him to go away and ensure the progression of our website the way in which we have asked.


5. What are you most pleased with during this project?

We were most pleased with the ability to have so much say in the way that our website was built. It’s also very handy for me as the marketer to be able to edit the majority of the website on the fly without having to ask a support team to implement changes for me.


6. What’s next for ProTech?

Alongside our CRM we have upgraded not just the website but lots of technology around the office to streamline and make more effective our ways of working more. We are already seeing the benefits of this but there is much more to come as the year progresses. It’s been a great start to the year and we are looking forward to building upon not only our start to the year but our relationship with the likes of Sourceflow as progress into the future.

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