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Source Group International

SourceFlow Case Studies

Location London

Founded 2015

Employees 100+

Core sectors

  • Technology
  • Life Science 

1. Tell us a bit about SGI?

Source Group International are international recruitment specialists discovering Talent across Technology & Life Sciences. Our 1st brand was founded in 2015 and since then we’ve grown to a global headcount of 100 providing a service globally. We have office locations in the UK, Europe & USA. Our purpose is to Discover Your Potential and we’re on a mission to invest in our people, drive sustainable improvement and deliver the highest level of customer service.


2. Why did you choose to partner with Sourceflow?

We built our previous website 3 years ago and it was a great site for we needed at the time, however with the scale up and demands of our business we needed a better solution that aligned marketing directly with sales and something that would provide us the insight to get the best possible results. Sourceflow came as a top recommendation, and the platform could provide us the technology we needed to move our business forward.


3. How did you find the delivery of your website?

The delivery was excellent, working closely with the team, they captured my brand requirements excellently, whilst ensuring technology and functionality was in place. We worked to quite tight deadlines for the size and the demand of the project! There were definitely challenges along the way!


4. How did you find the team to work with?

The team were excellent, they felt like an extension of my team and still do. I feel we can provide open and honest feedback and continue to develop our existing partnership.


5. What are you most pleased with during this project?

The results the site is bringing in already and the feedback I’ve received from customers. Its really a top talking point for us!


6. What’s next for SGI?

Our next big project is Marketing Automation.. that’s for the new year! And of course further development of our site, there are a few phases to come! Across teams we are focusing on building out our communities and networks through brand & technology.


Thank you SourceFlow for an incredible project! And look forward to our partnership moving forward.

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